Condor & Talon

48 cu. in. 3000psi input / 1000psi to 3000psi regulated output = $140.00  
Used with the Airforce Adapter
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jdsairman is now offering 3000psi input and 1000 to 2500psi
Regulated output HPA regulators that have metric (M18-1.5)
threads that screw directely into AirForce Condor,Talon and
Daystate  Factory Tanks. Used along with my airforce adapter
thus making your gun regulated for more consistent shots
New  Product
3000psi input AF reg 1000 to 2500psi Regulated Output = $90.00

Converts your Condor or Talon to a Regulated gun.
You can use your Stock Tank along with my AF 3000psi Regulator
You can use any of my Tanks with my Standard 3000psi Regulator

To use your Stock Tank you remove the Valve from your Tank and screw it into one
end of the Adapter. (M18-1.5 thread) Then you remove the Bonnet, Spring and Pin  
from the AF Regulator and screw the Regulator Body and Washer Assembly into
the other end of the Adapter.

To use one of my Tanks you would use my Standard Regulator and the Valve from
your Stock Tank.
Photos by Ken Hicks