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Premium Air gun Fill Adapter   = $85.00
AS To PB Adapter  $55.00
"Scuba Yoke"  Fill Station for Air Guns:   = $55.00
BURST DISKS 1.8K or 3K or 5K = $5.95
size(in K)
Bulk Fill to Paintball Adapter = $80.00
Brass Rebuild piston and o-rings $14.95
MARAUDER to Bottle Rod  (BROD)  = $85.00
AIRFORCE Regulator Adapter = $85.00  

Converts your Condor or Talon to a
Regulated gun.
You can use your Stock Tank along
with my AF 3000psi Regulator
You can use any of my Tanks with my
Standard 3000psi Regulator

To use your Stock Tank you remove
the Valve from your Tank and
screw it into one end of the Adapter.

(M18-1.5 thread)
Then you remove the
Spring and Pin  from the AF Regulator
and screw the Regulator
Body and Washer Assembly into the
other end of the Adapter.

To use one of my Tanks you would use
my Standard Regulator and
the Valve from your Stock Tank.  
Jdsairman is now offering the BROD Adapter
to convert your Marauder to a Bottled and
Regulated Gun.
Fits in the crosman tube no need for bulk fill adapter, hoses,90      
elbows or ASA Adapter or an attachment to Gun Stock.