Hi everyone......my name is John DiStefano and I'm the guy behind
JDS Air Man. I live in Hernando Beach Florida. I have only been into air
guns since 2008, but became hooked Immediately. I have been shooting
firearms since my late 20s, but never realized how much fun and Interesting
air guns were.
It kind of started for me after buying a Crosman 2250 and realizing how
much Improvement could be made by bulk fill and all the various mods. And
that's how it all got started.
I have to mention my friend Ron Sauls (                        )  who has helped
steer me in the correct direction. Without his help
JDS Air Man would not be
a reality. His Guidance and knowledge of air guns has helped me Immensely.
Bryan & Assoc.
JDS Air Man
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This is the 22 cal. Crosman 2250 that started it all!